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    Ensuring Access for Millions of Americans

    with the Centers for Medicare and

    Medicaid Services (CMS)


    In 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) selected GLOBO as its sole provider of translation and telephone interpreting services, citing GLOBO’s innovative platform, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and scalable linguist network as the primary drivers for its selection.

    Since that time, GLOBO has successfully served CMS through three Open Enrollment Periods, ensuring access to health insurance for millions of Americans while providing data and analytics to the National Data Warehouse in collaboration with Lockheed Martin. 







    HIPAA-compliant calls






    “GLOBO met all critical timelines in regards to the transition and all deliverables were accurate and on-time. GLOBO also provided ad-hoc reports to CMS quickly which has greatly helped meet quick turnaround requests." 

    - CMS Contractor Performance Assessment



    “GLOBO provided very detailed reports and meeting updates that were valuable for CMS and the participating contractors to hear. After OEP was over, GLOBO created an OEP Recap presentation which highlighted volumes and performance for both Medicare and Marketplace.”

    - CMS Contractor Performance Assessment



    GLOBO Supports Variable Volume and Call Seasonality

    GLOBO leverages the stability of its HIPAA compliant platform and its ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System to provide seamless service during spikes in call traffic.


    Scalability Graph




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